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2020 8 2 13 17 12 770

Leonardo Softhouse have released their much anticipated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) update for their MD-80 series add-on. This new version is the open beta 17b722. In addition to the EFB, the PBR textures of the cockpit have been tuned, and several logics were revised. As to reflect the new changes, new PFPX profiles have been created and added to the package.

EFB Features

  • Proper performance module capable of calculating all necessary data for all variants and engine options
  • New Electronic Aircraft Technical Log that will help Maddog pilots manage the maintenance tasks and failures
  • Adjust weight and balance and OFP import directly into the EFB
  • Navigraph Charts Application
  • Replication of an iPad interface

A new “Realistic” mode is now introduced. This Realistic mode automatically enables the following features :

  • failures system and maintenance actions
  • random weight variations on final loadsheet (between planning and boarding) at +/- 1000kg
  • automatic update of aircraft weight, CG and flight number
  • refueled aircraft

In addition, as the airframe accumulates flight hours, their will be discrepancies in instruments compared to the standard mode.

The update will be FREE. The update is for the moment an incremental open beta update downloadable from the Leonardo forums.It needs the latest official version to be installed, either 1.6b571 (or 1.6b571+1.6b605) if you have the previous open beta. The incremental update will however reset the airframe times, but how to back up these is described in the readme file. Simmarket will receive full installers with the new version in September, after the summer holidays.

If you don’t already own these aircraft, you can pick up the base packs from simMarket in a cost range varying from €57 to €95 depending on which variant you wish to buy.

The team added that they were now going on vacation starting next week until September so support reactivity will be reduced for that period. Finally, they reiterated that they were planning on a MSFS version for the Maddog.

Full Changelog

New Features

  • new yaw damper/autorudder logic added;
  • EFB added;
  • EFB and PMS 2D panels added;
  • new “realistic mode” added;
  • new GPU auto-disconnect logic added;
  • new air unit auto-connect basing on OAT;
  • additional failures implemented;
  • new GSX sync logic;
  • EFB model added;
  • PBR fine tuning and textures update;
  • new option to enable the EFB added (Load Manager)
  • new “always pause at TOD” option added (Load Manager)
  • new “realistic mode” option added (Load Manager)
  • EFB manual added;
  • EFB tutorial added.

Bug Fixes

  • decreased manual trim speed;
  • VOR/LOC/ILS CAP/TRK logic revision;
  • reverser thrust tuned;
  • flight dynamics tuning;
  • NAV lights tuning;
  • internal cockpit shaders from external view tuning;
  • effects tuning;
  • PFPX profile files updated to reflect latest weights revision;
  • Quick Guide updated to include latest changes;
  • User Manual updated to include latest changes;
  • OM Vol II ch. 5 updated with RCAM and MOTNE tables;
  • Normal Checklist revision to include EFB reference;
  • Procedures Guide revision to include EFB reference;
  • List of Documents updated;
  • PFPX profile tables updated with latest weights revision.


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