Leonardo SH Provides Update on Fly the Maddog X and P3D v4.5

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Stefano from Leonardo SH has provided the community with an update regarding Prepar3D v4.5 compatibility for the Fly the Maddog X addon, along with some interesting new information about the upcoming build.

Starting off, he informs us that the new upcoming build, to be available for download very soon, is already compatible with the latest 4.5 update of Prepar3D.  Additionally, they’re exploring the new features provided by v4.5, and we should expect the Maddog to be one of the first products to market which will take full advantage of these new features with a dedicated new release for v4.5

The present version, which is SP1b352, is not officially compatible with 4.5 and support will not be provided for it; Stefano suggests to hang on a few days, as the new installers should be out very soon.  However, he then moves on to talk about some exciting new features.

Some have already been mentioned, such as the simulation of the ACARS system, and the addition of the full PBR virtual cockpit, which can be enabled and disabled at will, as can the external model.  Some other new features to expect in this version are a large number of unspecified fixes and enhancements in aircraft systems, tuning of the flight dynamics, additional integrations between the Maddog and some common addons such as PFPX and Simbrief; lastly, we can also anticipate networked Active Sky capability and IVAP transponder sync with the panel.

No exact release date was given for the v4.5 compatible update, however, it’s mentioned three times in the forum post that it will be soon… so we’re suspecting it’s going to be soon.

Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when we hear any updates!

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