Leonardo Releases FlytheMaddog X for P3D V5


Leonardo Softhouse has released their much anticipated MD-80 add-on for Prepar3D V5. Both base variant which includes the MD-82 and the MD-83 / MD-88 expansion have been released.

The new Prepar3D V5 version natively supports Active Sky P3D V5 with the dual beam radar feature. It also includes a BETA version of TFDi TrueGlass, that still needs a bit of ironing and will be replaced with the full version as soon as possible. It should also be noted that on their forums, the developers have announced that the previously created liveries are NOT compatible with the Prepar3D V5 version, due to some minor paintkit changes. However, they further added that converting the previous repaints with the new paintkit should be a relatively straightforward process.

Further refining of the 3D model and bug fixes have been incorporated, and have also been rolled back to the V4 version under the 1b571 update a few days ago.

The developer further added that users should have a graphic card with at least 8 Gb of VRAM and Windows 10 for the FlytheMaddog for P3D V5 to work properly.

Owners of previous FlytheMaddog versions are entitled to an upgrade pricing policy as follows :

  • If you owned the FlytheMaddogX 64 bits version, the upgrade fee is €15
  • If you owned the FlytheMaddogX 32 bits version, the upgrade fee is €38
  • If you also owned the MD-83/88 variant, you will be awarded the update of the expansion pack for free.
  • Owners of previous FS9 and FSX variants are not entitled to any upgrade package and must pay the full fee which is now €95.

The upgrade prices are awarded automatically by Simmarket. Users who encounter problem with upgrade price should contact Simmarket PRIOR to ordering the FlytheMaddog for P3D V5.

The FlytheMaddog X is available on Simmarket here.

To celebrate this release, the developer have partnered with AviationLads to create a beautiful trailer shown below.

Feature List

  • MD-82, MD-83 and MD-88 in-depth representation
  • Digital avionics and with option for either Honeywell or Canadian Marconi FMS
  • Custom load manager capable of importing PFPX
  • Functional ACARS
  • GSX Level 2 integration
  • Full interior and exterior PBR support
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Compatible with Active Sky radar
  • Shared cockpit

Interestingly, the Simmarket page bears a DC-9 and MD-87 tag. While technically the MD-80 is a commercial name for the DC-9-80 series so the addition of a DC-9 tag could make sens, an hypothetical MD-87 expansion has not yet been officially confirmed by Leonardo Softhouse. It might be a simple mistake or a teaser. What do you think ?

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