Leonardo Previews EFB in the MD-80

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Leonardo Softhouse has shared on a dedicated Facebook page screenshots and a short video of their upcoming Electronic Flight Bag for their FlyTheMaddogX add-on. The previews shows the EFB in use with the Navigraph Charts. Stefano Porrà, one of the Leonardo developers, further stated that the EFB would include a take-off performance calculator. The full list of feature will be announced later.

On a side note, the developer further added will be given for FREE to all users (64 bits) through an update, and not included in an upcoming Training Edition, hinting in this way what the next expansion would be for the FlyTheMaddogX. No further details regarding this expansion were given either.

Make sure to stay tune on FSElite for further exciting news regarding the Leonardo FlyTheMaddogX.

If you don’t already own these aircraft, you can pick up the base packs from simMarket in a cost range varying from €57 to €95 depending on which variant you wish to buy.

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