Leonardo Announce MD-83 and New Features

Leonardo MD 83 Announced FSElite

With SP1 for the MD-82 now rolling out the door to the official release channels, and the revised and revamped paintkit already in the hands of painters, Leonardo Software House has some exciting new information to share on what the future holds for them; the MD-83 and new FMS options!

Following a post on the FlytheMaddogX Pilot’s Facebook group, an individual affiliated with Leonardo shared what we can expect in the future from the team. First off, the aforementioned MD-83 will be coming but with no timeframe mentioned. Along with the new aircraft, the CMA-900 FMS and PMS will be coming as well. A single screenshot of the FMS in the -83 was included as well to tease us of what’s to come. (A teaser of a possible MD-88 was also spotted, though it remains speculation at this point in time)

That was all for now, but we’ll be keeping a sharp lookout for anything new to come out of Leonardo or their testers!

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