Latin VFR Miami v4 Released


LatinVFR have given us some surprise news today. Only a few weeks ago they made San Diego compatible with P3D v4. Now they have released a new version that’s natively build with the P3DV4 SDK. They also removed the P3DV3 version (that was made compatible with v4 for free).


  • “P3dv4 version made completely with the P3d4 sdk code making it 100% 64 bit.
  •  Extremely realistic airport and surrounding buildings
  •  Native ground polygons, with bump and specular maps. (P3D4)
  •  Surroundings extremely detailed with dozens of customized buildings.
  •  Photo scenery and autogen, covering 80square Miles
  •  City of Miami buildings (downtown) and major area landmarks.
  •  Animated CTRL+J jetways
  •  AFX file representing actual airline parking positions.
  •  Excellent night techniques, realistic runway lighting according to official documents of the airport.
  •  Dynamic lights (P3D4)
  •  scenery configurator tool.
  •  Much more…..”

If you have previously purchased Latin VFR’s Miami v3 via Simmarket after or on 2017-10-01 then you get a free upgrade to the v4. If you purchased the scenery before 2017-10-01 then you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 12 incl. VAT.


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  1. Nothing new here as you can mess with the values in either PTA or the text lines in the shaders itself. TOGA makes their product sound as if its ground breaking technology but in reality it’s nothing new.


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