Laminar Research Releases X-Plane 11.40 Beta 1

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Laminar Research has released X-Plane 11.40 beta 1. This is a major update and changes the experimental flight model. Included in the flight model changes are the handling of seaplanes, stalling, and prop wash improvements.

Austin has a full thorough explanation of the new experimental flight model available on Youtube. Along with the changes to the flight model, bug fixes such as incorrect metar QNH interpretation and some planes not changing the battery amperage when landing lights are turned on have been fixed.

The beta 1 update is available to Laminar Research customers and can be downloaded by running the 11.40 installer, checking the box to get betas, and completing the update. Steam users should see the beta 1 update available tomorrow.

You can read the full post on the Laminar Research blog page.

Main Feature and Improvements

Updated experimental flight model

  • XPD-8518 Incorrect metar QNH interpretation (/// entries).
  • XPD-9659 Propwash flow in reverse incorrectly swirls behind the prop disk and flows ‘straight’ after the prop disk
  • XPD-9872 Ground trucks slow to a crawl when passing on the same network segment.
  • XPD-9984 Update UI to indicate GPS commands work with G530.
  • XPD-9969 Make oil temperature datarefs editable.
  • XPD-10003 In some planes turning on and off the Landing lights has no effect on battery amperage draw.
  • XPD-10005 Area-ruled correction factor added to Plane Maker.
  • XPD-10017 Removed duplicate DRM alert.
  • XPD-10199 Wetted area in cycle dump documentation updated.
  • XPD-10227 Updated docs for sim/flightmodel2/controls/left & right_brake_ratio.

Known Bugs

  • XPD-7871 Dark contrails instead of white.
  • XPD-9388 Software hangs upon exit when using VR.
  • XPD-9501, XPD-9449 AMD driver bugs with displays & weapons.
  • XPD-9729 Contrails and wing condensation missing in replay.
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