JustSim working on Dusseldorf


Whoa, calm down there guys! Only a few days after they have released Hamburg, JustSim have announced to be working on Dusseldorf next! It looks like Aerosoft is finally gonna get some competition when it comes to the German sceneries. And that could be a good thing for us as customers with the original scenery from Aerosoft dating back to 2012! No previews have been released yet. But make sure to follow us to find out as soon as we hear and see more!

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  1. I don’t think Aerosoft has some competition now. Actually they are out of business. They might publish EDDN of 29 Palms but that’s about it. Everything else will come from JustSim / Digital Design

    1. Although the German Sceneries have gotten very little love the last few years, I do think Aerosoft is aware that JustSim could form a certain threat to them. As soon as JustSim had announced Hamburg, Aerosoft released two updates to fix some long-lasting issues with Hamburg that I doubt they had otherwise done. So I think Aerosoft is less passive when it comes to this than you may think.


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