UPDATE – JustSim Scenery Now Back Available at SimMarket


We have spoken to JustSim and they will issue a full statement soon. The original issue of SimMarket not selling the product has been resolved and you can now buy the products again.

We will have a full and detailed update from the developer soon.

Flight Sim Store will have the scenery back up in a few hours.


It would appear that scenery developer JustSim, known for their Innsbruck, Nice and Barcelona sceneries have had their products removed from both Simmarket and the FlightSim Store. The reason is still unknown, but SimMarket sent an email to developers regarding providing a legal licence from the provider of satellite imagery.

As of right now there is no word on when JustSim products will be available for purchase again.


  • Ashley Jones

    25th January 2017

    Do you Mean its just removed from simmarket? because if that is the case that’s not removed from stores is that’s just one store?

    • Calum Martin

      25th January 2017

      It’s also been removed from Flight Sim Store as well.

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