JustSim Releases LOWI Innsbruck Update for X-Plane

Justsim Lowi Innsbruck V3 X Plane 11 (5)

JustSim announced an update for LOWI Innsbruck would soon be released. Earlier today, the team released the update via The new update brings support for X-Plane 11.35, ground reflections and also X-Plane 11’s ground services.

The new update features brand new ground PBR textures, better blending with ortho textures and high resolution near the airport. The airport has also been updated with the new taxiway signage and additional buildings to bring it to today’s standards. Other improvements include additional static aircraft and ground vehicles.

For those that already own version 2 of JustSim’s LOWI Innsbruck on X-Plane 11, you can upgrade for $5.00. The upgrade coupon can be found on your original invoice. If you don’t own the previous version, you can buy it from for $18.90.

Other stores will soon host the update files.

Update Change Log

  • New ground textures with PBR
  • New lines with PBR
  • All lights changed to more realistic
  • Added approaching rabbit-light thru the city
  • Orthos colors corrected for better blending with terrain
  • New hi-res orthos near the airport
  • All object now using PBR reflections
  • Exclusions corrected
  • New taxiway signs
  • Fixed models elevations
  • New terminal and lounge zone modeled
  • Added several new models for the environment
  • Added static aircrafts
  • New ground equipment models
  • New grass and trees
  • Ambient occlusion added to ground
  • Minor fixes for textures
  • Outstanding optional DEM with 10m resolution for Ortho4XP users


  • New version with support for X-Plane 11.35
  • Compatible with X-Plane 11 ground service
  • Compatible with X-Plane 11 reflections
  • Very detailed rendition of Innsbruck Airport
  • Volumetric ground effect texturesNew 3D grass
  • Custom runway, taxiways and airport lights
  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
  • High resolution photo scenery
  • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
  • High resolution building textures
  • Runway reflection effect
  • World Traffic compatible – X-Life traffic compatible
  • Optimized for excellent performance
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