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JustSim Larnaca International (LCLK) Released for X-Plane, Hints At New xEnviro Features


JustSim has released the newest addition to their portfolio of beautifully detailed sceneries for X-Plane; Larnaca International Airport.

Larnaca (ICAO: LCLK) is the main international airport serving the island nation of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. Cyprus, and indeed the Mediterranean as a whole, is a major tourist destination for those seeking a sunny vacation. Larnaca handles more than 5 million passengers per year, and since 1998 has seen upgrades and additions such as a new tower, fire station, admin offices, and a runway extension.

JustSim touts their new scenery as including features such as:

  • Highly detailed airport objects, vehicles and textures
  • Custom airport surroundings
  • Custom lighting
  • Animated ground vehicles (XP11 only)
  • Shader and occlusion effects on airport buildings
  • High-resolution ground, runway and building textures
  • Highly optimised for excellent performance
  • World Traffic and X-Life compatible

But one thing that this writer noticed was tucked away at the very bottom of the product page:

New exclusive feature:
  •     Rain effects on ground
  •     Effect will be controlled by xEnviro v1.08 (and higher) plugin.

The developer has clearly been working closely with the xEnviro developers on this one, as they claim these new ground rain effects (looking at screenshots, this could be interpreted as puddles only) are said to work only with an unreleased version of xEnviro.

We’ve reached out to the team behind xEnviro for some more information on this, and what else can be expected in v1.08, and will keep you updated on what we find out, and when we can expect the new release.

If you like the look of JustSim’s Larnaca though, head over to the X-Plane.org Store and purchase this beautiful scenery for just $19.90.

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