Just Flight Updates Traffic Global XP to v1.0.8796

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Just Flight has issued another update for their Traffic Global XP utility. The utility, designed to inject a wide-range of AI traffic models into the simulator, has been extensively updated over the past few weeks. The new update, v1.0.8796, makes several fixes including updating all aircraft gear contact positions, ensuring that the radar/Departure/Plan windows now show correctly in VR amongst many more.

The update has also seen a reduction in the gap between take-off and landing aircraft, a potential fix for crashes on or near certain third-party airports along with additional stability checks.

You can get the update now from your Just Flight account.

If you don’t own Just Flight’s Global Traffic XP, then you can pick up a copy from their store for £34.99.


  • Update all aircraft gear contact positions
  • Revised checks on airline name/code matches.
  • Small change to airline determination where multiple airlines share the same IATA code.
  • Add gear/ground positions to the debug-mode screen overlay.
  • Ensure parking spots are drawn behind text on the flight plan view.
  • Add missing localisation string.
  • Minor change to resting angle calculations.
  • Additional stability checks around map layer drawing.
  • Aircraft could be assigned to parking which was later determined to be unusable.
  • Automatically move the Flight Plan view if a new flight is started at a different airport.
  • Add Help option to the plugin menu.
  • Radar/Departure/Plan windows now show correctly in VR.
  • Several stability changes.
  • Add full list of plugins, dates and versions if available to the log when a crash is recorded.
  • Add notice to the screen when TCAS is switched on, but blocked by another plugin.
  • Reduce gap between landing and taking-off aircraft.
  • Aircraft shouldn’t wait if they are only passing nearby or through a runway access taxiway, if they don’t intend to enter the runway.
  • Several improvements to movement around airports and airborne avoidance.
  • Change altitude profile for long cruise legs.
  • Change acceleration profile.
  • Potential fix for crashes on or near startup with certain third-party airports installed.
  • Fix for rare crash under unpredictable circumstances.
  • Fix for rare crash when removing a flight leg that has got too short to use.
  • Aircraft should no longer disappear when taxying close behind them.
  • Fix several aircraft models with missing airline codes
  • Change how taxying speeds are calculated near corners.
  • Airline name changes
  • Fix a small number of A320s being unable to be substituted with an unpainted variant
  • Give the default TCAS object an explicit model to fix the map icon and also the random spinning after handing them back to X-Plane.
  • Re-enable TCAS correctly if the entire plugin was disabled and re-enabled.
  • Fix for the first few moments of TCAS.
  • Correct the airline codes for some 788/789 models.
  • Prevent the pitch from briefly going to 90 degrees during the transition from approach to taxi at some airports where the exit taxiway was at a significantly different height to the touchdown point.
  • Allow slightly more time when slowing down for sharp corners
  • Fixes for aircraft with certain undercarriage configurations in the first few seconds of pushback.
  • Add 717 paintkit texture
  • Control sections on the departure board and radar were causing unclickable regions if the window was closed using the red dot.
  • Correct wingspans and therefore parking allocations for several aircraft types.
  • Show a light border around parking which is reserved for a specific airline on the flight plan board.
  • Build process changes to use MSM instead of vc_redist.exe
  • Publish datarefs explicitly to DatarefEditor
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