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Just Flight has released its next major update for Traffic Global for X-Plane 11 to version v1.0.9454 for both Windows and Mac.

This update factors in X-Plane 11.50 beta 1-11 as well as 11.41 rev 1. Just Flight reminds us that this update may not be compatible with future updates of X-Plane. However, if something gets broken in future beta updates or the final 11.50 release then an interim release will be made available as soon as possible.

To upgrade Traffic Global to the latest version, simply run the installer for Windows. As for Mac users, please remove the “Aircraft/Traffic Global” folder before unarchiving, since aircraft names may change over time. If you have replaced your traffic file (.BGL) you will need to check the replacement for yourself; the traffic file changes with almost every release and will be updated or replaced if it is changed or missing.

Version 1.0.9454 has proven to be compatible with many popular X-Plane 11 plugins such as xEnviro, AviTab, BetterPushback, and more.

The full list of changes can be found here.

V1.0.9454 Changelog:

  • Improve traffic flow in the vicinity of runway exit zones
  • Fix Mac-specific text error on the Radar display
  • In networked mode, the field of view affected whether AI on all external graphics computers was correctly pinned to the ground.
  • Add network compression and reduce overheads.
  • Several airline livery fixes/additions.
  • Add pitch/roll/heading datarefs.
  • Change handling of wind/cloud layers.
  • When force-freeing a parking slot for the user, also clear overlapping parking.
  • All available liveries are included whether the airline is scheduled or not.
  • Additional regional airlines added to traffic database
  • Merge runway-flow selectors for the same runway and the same conditions where one is marked arrival-only and one departure-only.
  • More efficient use of overlapping parking spots when occupied by smaller aircraft.
  • The selection of parallel runways on approach was reversed i.e. 26L would be used where 26R was more appropriate.
  • Fix aircraft turning off the runway too soon if a runway exit was immediately next to the transition from approach to taxi
  • Avoid speeding up just before a corner.
  • Change detection of parking entry/exit routes.
  • Enable leading-edge slats for models equipped with them.
  • Add callable command to toggle TCAS system.
  • Fix incorrect taxi destination for one-way runway entry nodes
  • Fix incorrect taxi destination for incorrectly-designated runway entry nodes
  • Add managed runway-flow changeover to prevent frequent flipping in variable winds.
  • Add workaround for incorrect flow time rules defined as 00->24 instead of 0000->2400.
  • Add workaround for incorrect flow wind rules which have a zero-degree heading range.
  • More work on player runway detection
  • Add a little variation to braking distances.
  • Add a load of new model paints courtesy of XPlaner73 and Craggle
  • Fix glideslope calculations.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Rework go-arounds to fix corners and an early touchdown
  • Increase circuit height to clear departing aircraft.
  • Fix bug affecting taxi speeds of aircraft that just landed a long way from the user
  • Extend runway-use detection for the player out to 10NM
  • Vary the default takeoff run length by engine type as well as size class
  • Flow rules were removed if a runway was unusable, even if another runway in the same flow was good.
  • Add ‘Follow User’ option to the flight plan view.
  • If on approach, don’t give way to a closer aircraft if it’s already on the go-around.
  • Improve handling of changes from positive to negative speed
  • Fix a potential crash with TCAS aircraft being deleted
  • A waiting aircraft could enter the runway when an approaching aircraft passed the entry point
  • Performance improvement for the flight plan window drawing.
  • Fix transition between ground and air sections of departure
  • The takeoff altitude profile changed.
  • Have type-specific climb/departure climb/descent rates
  • Can now do backtrack on the runway if needed to get to an exit
  • AI will now backtrack for takeoff if needed
  • Model and paint changes
  • Improve calculation of takeoff and braking distances.
  • Workaround for some airports with bad flows that allow aircraft types to land but not depart or vice-versa.
  • Fix aircraft refreshing instead of recreating with certain ranges of time change in X-Plane
  • Properly account for the delayed touchdown point when deciding the runway exit route
  • Have different delays before entering the runway for takeoff, depending on relative size classes
  • Add support for SAM 2.0.8 and higher.
  • Improve multi-runway detection
  • When more than one runway exit connected to the same point, the intended route was not always used.
  • Add a small bias for taxi routes to avoid complex areas in favor of simple ones
  • Stop aircraft circling forever during a descending sharp turn from cruise to approach
  • Add information about aircraft blocking a flow change by hovering over the wind indicator in the flight plan view.
  • Make aircraft nearing an airport that is changing flows hold.



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