Just Flight Releases VC10 Jetliner for FSX & P3D

Just Flight has released their anticipated VC10 Jetliner for FSX and P3D. The classic jet has been brought to the virtual skies for the first time in excellent detail from the team at Just Flight. For those that don’t know, the VC10 is regarded as one of the most graceful jet airliners created, which is capable of operating from hot airports at high altitudes. Included with the Vickers VC10 Type 1101 is a fully 3D and detailed virtual cockpit, comprehensive systems, realistic fuel system and realistic engine start procedures.

The team have also ensured that the aircraft comes complete with an authentic sound system, and accurate flight dynamics based on real-world performance and input from ex-VC10 crews. The modelling includes many details including authentic flap/slat action, windsheild wipers, animated pilots and specular map to give realistic light effects on the aircraft surfaces. Just Flight has also included ground equipment, animated cockpit windows and the ability to integrate third-party weather radars. It includes 10 liveries including British Airways and BOAC.

The Jetliner product range sits between the F-Lite series and the Professional range. The VC10 being a jetliner product means that the aircraft is highly realistic, houses detailed modelling and animation and authentic flight dynamics and sound. It can be flown by both novices just wanting to take off and fly, as well as those who want to spend more time operating the aircraft realistically.

The Just Flight VC10 Jetliner is now available to buy from Just Flight for £24.99. It is compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3DV1-4.

In 2018, Just Flight will produce more in the VC10 family including the Super/RAF expansion pack and the VC10 Professional range. As said above, the professional version will add further systems complexity and be geared more towards the ‘study-sim’ market. Both of the products are scheduled for a 2018 release and owners of the VC10 Jetliner will be eligible for discount when buying the professional version.

Full feature list below:


  • Accurately modelled Type 1101 (BOAC Standard), built using real-world aircraft plans
  • Many detailed animations, including:
    – Accurate landing gear operations
    – Authentic flaps/slat action
    – Variable-incidence tailplane
    – Windshield wipers (separate Captain and Co-Pilot controls)
    – Passenger doors (fore and aft) and cargo doors (port and starboard)
    – Animated pilots
    – Thrust reverser doors on outboard engines
    – Retractable taxi/landing lights
  • Ground equipment (air stairs and baggage carts)
  • Specular map to give realistic light effects on the aircraft surfaces
  • Bump mapping to give a more realistic 3D effect to aircraft liveries


  • 3D cockpit with virtually all the hundreds of switches, knobs and levers animated and functional. Many gauges are modelled in 3D for smooth operation.
  • All four flight crew positions modelled (Captain, Co-Pilot, Flight Engineer and Navigator)
  • Cockpit textures feature wear and tear to produce an authentic environment
  • Cockpit lighting with atmospheric instrument backlighting
  • Special ‘baked’ textures have been used to present a well-used look and feel to the cockpit area and controls
  • Fully modelled Flight Engineer station with fuel, engine, electrical, anti-ice and hydraulic controls (automatically configured in a ‘ready for take-off’ state when the aircraft is first loaded, allowing you to get airborne within seconds)
  • Many features have been added to help with usability such as a switch to hide the control yokes for a better view of the instruments and pre-set angled views for the overhead panel, centre pedestal and Flight Engineer station
  • Animated Captain’s arm-rest for improved visibility of centre pedestal
  • Ability to integrate third-party weather radar
  • Split flap/slat lever with the ability to extend slats without deploying flaps
  • NAV 1/2 and ADF 1/2 radios feeding CDIs, VOR and ADF indicators for easy navigation
  • GPS unit included for easy navigation
  • Numerous warning annunciators will illuminate on fault detection and a functional engine fire warning and protection/extinguishing system are built into the cockpit
  • Animated cockpit side windows


  • Custom-coded fuel system with wing and centre tanks, fuel transfer and jettison, cross-feed and LP/HP cock controls
  • Custom-coded autopilot with pitch and bank hold, ability to navigate via VOR/GPS and autothrottle with IAS/MACH hold capabilities
  • Thrust-reverse system which, like the real aircraft, is only available on outboard engines
  • Realistic trim lever operation with rate of tailplane movement proportional to the rate of trim lever displacement from the central position
  • Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between ‘cold & dark’ or ‘ready for take-off’
  • Fully compatible with default control assignments (lighting controls, autopilot controls, HP cock levers etc.) and [CTRL]+[E] autostart
  • Realistic engine start procedures using ground air supply and cross-bleed
  • Simulated powered flying control units (PFCUs) – loss of electrical power or manual isolation of PFCUs will render flying controls (ailerons, elevator, rudder and spoilers) inoperative, as in the real aircraft. Each control surface can be individually isolated.


This VC10 Type 1101 is supplied in the following ten liveries:

  • British Airways G-ARVM (circa 1976)
  • British Airways G-ARVM (red tail)
  • BOAC G-ARVF (circa 1964)
  • BOAC G-ARVC (circa 1966)
  • BOAC G-ARVC (circa 1974)
  • Gulf Air A40-VI
  • Gulf Air A40-VK
  • Just Flight house livery
  • Nigeria Airways 5N-ABD
  • Government of the United Arab Emirates G-ARVF


  • Realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real-world performance and handling data, and input from ex-VC10 crew
  • The distinctive Rolls-Royce Conway engines have been captured to give the utmost realism in full stereo
  • Comprehensive manual with panel guide and tutorial
  • PSD Paint Kit included so you can create your own paint schemes
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