Just Flight Announces Sud Aviation Caravelle III In Development

Sud Aviation Caravelle Iii 1 Ss M 180305210232

Just Flight has announced development of the Sud Aviation Caravelle Series III for FSX and P3D.

The Just Flight Caravelle Series III variant will be modelled using real-world plans and features a highly detailed virtual cockpit with 3D instrumentation, realistic wear and tear, and functional electrical, hydraulic, and fuel systems.

The Sud Aviation Caravelle III was the world’s first jet-powered airliner built for the short to medium-haul market, taking off for the first time in 1955. Built by French aircraft manufacturer Sud Aviation, the plane was used by airlines like Air France, Swissair, Alitalia, and SAS. Powered by Rolls-Royce Avon engines, the aircraft ceased production in 1972.

Just Flight has not given a release date, but you can signup for email updates on their web page.

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Oi, people love to bash developers and I completely understand. BAC 1-11, HS748 and Curtiss C-46 were rather disappointing.

However why do people forget about the stuff that came out from AH and are regarded as very well made products?

Just look at Fokker 27 or the latest VC10 (whoever says it’s subpar clearly does not understand the aircraft).

So if the quality (both visual and system wise) of the VC10 will be mantained, we are in for quite a treat with a beautiful french airliner that is an absolute classic.

martyn, if you dont publish subpar products people wont associate your name with them and you wont have to do damage control… right now you telling it 10 times its somebody else making this means little. show us by delivering a stellar product.

Hi Mr Lol,

Thanks for feedback.

No damage control intended on my part – as per the post below every team that we work with (whether they belong to Just Flight, Aeroplane Heaven or another company) produce aircraft which have a different style, level of functionality, ‘feel’ and price point, so I just wanted to make it clear exactly which team was behind the Caravelle so a fair comparison can be made.

We were very pleased with the VC10 (check out the FS Elite review) and are excited about our upcoming Caravelle.



This something I have brought up on forums before. I like Justflight. I have bought many of their products over the years, both download and boxed from other retailers and have been perfectly happy with them usually. The Dash 8 and Tristar especially.I have no experience of Aeroplane Heaven warbirds but I’m told they are very good but when they get together to produce classic airliners, the results are way below standards. This is doing the reputations of both companies no good at all and they should either stop collaborating or produce planes worth buying. I would rather pay more and get a usable product but I’ve been scared off by the products I mentioned earlier.

This is likely to be a collaboration with aeroplane heaven in which case I’m not going to waste my money. The Viscount, 1-11 and the 748 were nowhere near good enough from personal experience and others have said the same of other classic airliners from this scource

I should have made clear that I’m the JF development manager, so should know 😉

Hi Bob.

Aeroplane Heaven have multiple modellers/artists.

What I posted earlier is correct – the modeller/artist behind the Caravelle created the VC10 and not the aircraft mentioned above.



Bob the builder

Martyn……I think Robert is right. If you check out a post from February 28th on Aeroplane Heaven’s Facebook page, they clearly state their next project is the SUD Caravelle….a collaboration with JF. Just sayin…….

The Caravelle is being developed by the team behind the VC10, not the aircraft that you have mentioned.

Great news

Let’s hope they don’t use the same cartoonish art-style cockpit that we see in other JF products. I still have fond memories of the AFG Caravelle for FS9.

We work with a variety of developers, each with their own artistic styles, but I don’t think you can characterise our own aircraft as cartoonish. As mentioned above, this aircraft is bring developed by the team behind the VC10.