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Just Flight Announces Real Taxiways United States for MSFS

Just Flight Real Taxiways Us (3)

Just Flight has announced a new series of products called Real Taxiways for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Real Taxiways will add real-world taxiway signage to default airports in the simulator, which will add more realism at those locations. The series will initially start in the United States with Class C and D airports.

Upon installation, Real Taxiways for Microsoft Flight Simulator will add a number of improvements to default airports’ signage. The first improvement will be the fact that real-world taxiways names will be accurate across each airport and also located in the correct place. In addition, sign sizes will also be adjusted to better match the real-world counterpart. Speaking of which, if you find it hard to read the signs in the simulator whilst using VR, Just Flight say that you can optionally adjust the signage size to your preference to make them easier to read.

Just Flight also says that Real Taxiways will remove any signs and lights that currently obstruct taxiways, runways and ramps. Furthermore, signs can now be double-sided, painted lines at airports are now corrected and runways entry lights are enhanced at large airports.

Real Taxiways has been described as a “cost-effective” solution to fixing thousands of airports with a single tool and utility that will keep your airports consistent in your simulator.

Just Flight says that Real Taxiways United States Class C and D Airports will be coming soon. However, you can check out the product page for even more information and also sign up for their mailing list to stay up-to-date.


  • Real-world taxiway names
  • Near real-world taxiway sign placement
  • Multiple variations of all sign types
  • Double-sided taxiway signs
  • Sign sizes are appropriate to the airport
  • Hundreds of airport sign ‘personalities’ for an authentic experience
  • No signs obstructing taxiways or runways
  • No lights obstructing ramps or runways
  • No lights obstructing taxiways at most airports (option for all airports)
  • Signs easily readable from cockpit without zooming
  • LAHSO markings removed where they are not present in the real world (on every runway by default)
  • Corrected misclassified painted lines (such as dashed where a hold should be)
  • Destination signs match real-world charts
  • Enhanced runway entry lighting at large airports
  • Closed taxiways updated and signs added
  • Taxiway lighting now more consistent across airports
  • Recovered unusable parking spots (AI would not spawn)
  • Ramp areas can now be requested from ATC by name (e.g. ‘North Parking’)
  • Sign text padding corrected and more readable
  • Option to increase sign sizes when installing for even better visibility (great for VR)
  • Correct parking locations for GA, Commercial, Cargo, Military Cargo and Military Combat
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