Just Flight Announces Avro Vulcan for X-Plane 11

Just Flight Vulcan Announcement (5)

Yesterday, Just Flight previewed a new product that was in development for X-Plane 11, and from the previews given, looked very much like the Avro Vulcan. Today, we have the official announcement.

Just Flight will be developing the Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2, K.2 and MRR for X-Plane 11. The previews show off the interior, like yesterday, and also shows off the unique design of the exterior of this aircraft.

The Avro Vulcan took its first flight in 1952 and was designed to be a high altitude strategic bomber. The Vulcan then entered service 4 years later, and in addition to being a bomber, the aircraft also saw roles as a reconnaissance plane and mid air refueling plane. The Vulcan served 59 years before being retired fully in 2015.

More details on this product can be found on the product page, and you can also sign up on the product page for an email notification once released.

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