Just Flight A300 In-game Previews


Just Flight has been kind enough to share a handle of previews of their upcoming Airbus A300 in several different liveries.

The Airbus A300 was a revolutionary aircraft not only for Airbus but the entire world as it was the first twin-engine wide-body commercial aircraft. And now, Just Flight is bringing this iconic bird into the flight sim community. Whilst this aircraft announced a while back, this is the first time get to see actual in-game previews of several airlines with era-appropriate liveries. As stated by the developers from their Facebook post, the JustFlight A300B3-200 will come with a large selection of liveries.

Features include a large list of items. Captain, Co-Pilot and Flight Engineer positions have been fully modeled with nearly every switch, knob and lever animated and will have sort of effect on the aircraft. Just Flight has listed that the A3004B-200 will have a realistic autopilot system and a realistic flight model that was based on real-world performance and tested by real A300 pilots. The hydraulics, electrical, engine bleeds, fuel, and pressurization systems all have their own custom-coding to accurately represent real-world flows and operations.

For a full feature list as well as many more previews has added it to the A300 Product Page on their website. Be sure to look out for any new previews on the Just Flight Facebook page as well.


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