Just Flight 146 Professional Updated to Version 1.06, Adds EFB

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A brand new update for the Just Flight 146 Professional has been released, bringing all-new features and bug fixes to the Prepar3D aircraft. The new update, version 1.06, adds an EFB to the cockpit, along with adding new views, further GSX compatibility and also various FMC fixes and changes.

The biggest change with the update is the addition of a new EFB for both pilots in the aircraft. The EFB enables you to control elements such as the closing and opening of doors, toggle the ground power, set fuel and payload, along with triggering specific announcements. This adds a new level of immersion to the plane.

Further to the EFB, Just Flight has continued to improve other elements of the aircraft. Issues with the localiser and glideslope capture have been fixed, along with various improvements to the sound and pressure system. In addition, new wing views have been added, additional GSX compatibility and also various FMC fixes have been implemented.

This large update is freely available from your Just Flight account. This is a complete new build so you will need to redownload the installer to get version 1.06.

Alternatively, you can buy the Just Flight 146 Professional from their store for £59.99. If you’re not sure on the product yet, check out our first look.

X-Plane users, don’t worry, the aircraft is due to release in January 2021.


  • EFB added – provides control over animations, announcements, fuel and passenger load (refer to FAQ here)
  • Fuel quantity gauges changed to KGs to match other indicators
  • N1 and TGT bugs can now be set with electrical power off and positions will be saved/restored with panel state
  • Glideslope/localiser capture issues after using RNAV – fixed
  • FDE changes (cruise attitude, stability in IAS/MACH modes)
  • HSI CDI now working correctly when flying from a VOR
  • Minor livery fixes
  • Various improvements to custom sound system
  • Tweaks to cabin announcements
  • New wing views added
  • 300QT GSX profile fixed
  • Engine anti-ice intake low pressure remaining illuminated after engine start at low N1 values – fixed
  • Tweaks to air-con system (e.g. flight deck and cabin fans now affect temperature change rate)
  • Power icon and menu state options can now only be selected when on the ground to avoid inadvertent selection during flight
  • Added further GSX compatibility (e.g. doors will now auto open/close, cabin crew arm/disarm door announcements triggered by GSX boarding/deboarding status)
  • Animation panel now indicates when doors are open, stairs are extended or GPU is enabled
  • Speeds card clickspot will now also set N1 and TGT bugs
  • FMC fixes (including DTO)
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