Jetstream Designs P3D V4 Compatibility

Jetstream Designs, the developers behind Palermo, Milan Linate and others sceneries alike have provided an update regarding their scenerie’s compatibility with P3D V4. They have now got all their sceneries working in P3D V4 with dynamic lighting apart from Metz-Nancy which is set to be updated after all of the other products are fully wrapped up and compatible with V4. They say that no FPS drops have been noticed with the use of dynamic lighting.

Here is the list of each product and what stage they’re at:

Little Rock: has been updated for V4 and has had SODE implemented. This is already available but another update will be coming soon which will implement dynamic lighting into the scenery.

Milan Linate: dynamic lighting has been added with a small terminal issue fixed.

Palermo: dynamic lighting has been added and native P3D ground polygons have also been added.

Marseille: dynamic lighting and SODE have been added.

These updates will be released in just a few days, so keep your eye out on our Facebook page and website for the news. This will mean all their sceneries will be natively compatible in V4 apart from Metz-Nancy which like I mentioned earlier will be ccoming soon. All of their sceneries now have animated jetways also.

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