JARDesign Releases Version 3.4 For The A320


JARDesign has released an update fixing and added a handful of items.


With the release of X-Plane 11.35, many developers are in the works at getting their addons to be compatible with the new update. JARDesign is the latest developer to do so updating their A320 to version 3.4 adding a brand new FMGS (Flight Management Guidance System). Sticking with the FMGS theme, HOLD at Fix point has been tweaked as well as added a MENU and SETTING option to the FMGS. The module as well that helps control the FMGS has also been updated. JARDesign has also added an on-screen GPU button so you won’t have to go diving into the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag). A physical SATCOM unit has also been added so if your airline has SATCOMs installed on their aircraft, you will now be able to replicate it.


This is a free download for those who own the JARDesign A320, but if you have yet to buy this addon, it is available on the JARDesign Website for X-Plane 10 and 11. If you wish to view the entire forum post, it is here on the JARDesign Group Board.

Version 3.4 Changelog:

+ X-Plane 11.35 compatible
+ brand new FMGS installed
+ HOLD at Fix point fixed
+ incorrect sys disp page fixed
+ acceleration on descent fixed
+ METAR info reading fixed
+ on-screen GPU button add
+ add MCDU MENU -> SETTINGS options
+ add SATCOM 3d model
+ FMGS module updated

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