IXEG 737 Classic Updated To v1.21

IXEG Iberia
Source: AVSim Forum, ltbatower

A short time ago, IXEG released an update to their highly acclaimed 737 Classic for X-Plane. This update brings some visual enhancements, along with improved systems and realism logic.

The X-Plane 11 model receives glass reflective surfaces, and a tweaked flight model for a new downwash effect – something they say will bring a “mild nose-down effect when close to ground, as in reality”.

Universally, across the XP10 and XP11 models, simmers can expect FMS stability bug-fixes, stick shakers sounds near/below stall AOA, improved handling of go-around situations, and possible FPS increases from an updated Gizmo plugin.
For the full change-log, see the bottom of this post.

This update is available to all existing owners of the aircraft free of charge, and can be downloaded via X-Aviation immediately.

What’s New / Changed:

  • Added reflective glass surfaces in cockpit for XP11
  • Added datarefs for autopilot modules
  • Several bugs fixed to enhance stability of FMS
  • Adjusted flight model for new downwash effect in XP11 (expect a mild nose-down effect when close to ground, as in reality)
  • Enabled stick shaker sound again when near or below stall AOA
  • Improvement to automatic go-around speed commands
  • Improved cargo holds (lit at night, affect pressurization)
  • Fixed standby-power logic
  • Enabled Captain´s altimeter to work when powered by standby bus
  • Stopped LNAV tracking when route is deleted
  • Updates Gizmo to v18.01.02, tuned for consistent frame rates – roughly 10% faster.
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