IVAO Releases New Datalink Module for Aurora Client


Pushing on with their ambitious online infrastructure upgrade, IVAO public relations director Fares Belkihria has recently taken to the company’s web page, indicating the launch of V1.2.5B of the companies AURORA ATC client, introducing with this update a new data link module that brings both TELEX and CPDLC functionality to the company’s AURORA ATC client.

Fares begins his post by letting readers know that this most recent update is set to increase the level of immersion experienced by active users of the network via novel Datalink functionality that has now been added to IVAO’s AURORA ATC client.

According to the author, this new Datalink functionality will seamlessly integrate with the Hoppie ACARS system, allowing users of Hoppie enabled addons to take full advantage of the feature. Additionally, developers will find it much easier to couple and integrate their own Datalink functionality into IVAO’s software ecosystem.

Fares indicates that the roll-out of this new datalink system comes with two significant new additions, the first of which is the introduction of TELEX, a text-based controller/pilot or pilot/pilot communication system that functions as an alternative to the more traditional voice communication system.

Secondly, via the update, we will finally see the introduction of a proper CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) system. Again, this system is supposed to serve as a separate secondary communication system that is often used for non-urgent controller/pilot transmissions.


A final important addition that comes as part of this update is the depiction of vertical profiles. The introduction of said depiction will allow controllers to have a better transversal view of their respective active sector, thereby allowing for a more straightforward depiction of vertical separation between aircraft and more efficient air traffic management.


If you feel intrigued by this update and if you want to check out the detailed AURORA V1.2.5B changelog for yourself, feel free to check it out below or head on over to Fares’ official post linked here. For additional information, feel free to have a read through AURORA’s manual, found here.


  • Added D-Link (COMBOX)
  • Added UP-Link List for Sectors
  • Added VERA Advanced with Prediction
  • Added QDM Turn Calculation
  • Added Vertical Profile for INSET
  • Added Vertical Proflie Color Settings
  • Added Filters RADIO Changed in (Visual/Select/Zoom)
  • Added HAL Set Create Traffic Data from Scenario
  • Added Training/Exam Added Type “Trfc Count”
  • Added Saves Preferred Runways in Profile
  • Fixed F2 Reposition in INSET
  • Fixed Moving Labels on Rotated Map
  • Fixed Filters on Change Profile
  • Fixed BAYREQ Label via PSR
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