IVAO Launches Webeye 3.0


In the line of the recent upgrade the entire network has received through Aurora, Altitude and the new Voice codec, IVAO has revealed that the next item to be updated would be Webeye, brought to V3.0. The IVAO Webeye is a network activity utility that can be used by anyone to monitor where the action takes place on the network and for pilots to plan their flights accordingly.

The first major update to Webeye is the interface which has been completely redone. While retaining most of the function of the original Webeye such as the flight and airport search functions, Webeye 3.0 brings the previously dated interface to 2020. The new map shows updated FIR and ATC data and enable pilots to add layers such as weather ; or on the contrary can choose to customize the interface as they want and for example, display only flights without ATC. IVAO Public Relations Director Fares Belkhiria further stated that the new interface was easier to maintain, which means for example that FIR boundaries changes are much easier to incorporate than then were earlier. The lower ATC shapes such as TMAs and NOTAMs will also be integrated in the interface but at a later date.

The IVAO Webeye 3.0 is already available since September 26th here. You do not need to be an IVAO member to track flights. You can join the IVAO Online Community through their website.

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