Is Shared Cockpit Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Shared Cockpit Microsoft Flight Simulator

Update 21-Jan-20 @ 10:25z: After publication, a number of developers came forward to us to share that the documentation shown in the video bares a very similar resemblance to that of the current ESP SDK. We were given a link to public documentation for the current Prepar3D SDK which features numerous snippets of information that closely matches that found in the video. According to those that reached out to us, this could indicate that developers may be able to take advantage of a similar SDK they are familiar with from the ESP platforms. It is already confirmed that there will be parts of the ESP code in the new flight simulator.

Original Article 21-Jan-20 @ 10:10z:

A few days ago, Microsoft revealed their latest in their Feature Discovery Series videos. The video focused all on the soundscape and how the world will come alive through the use of audio. The video itself was an in-depth look into how sound is used to immerse simmers into the world and environment.

As simmers were watching the video and indulging on some stunning eye-candy,  a few eagle-eyed viewers spotted some documentation that may point toward shared cockpit integration. Shared cockpit, for those unaware, is typically seen as a way for multiple people to take control of a single aircraft in a shared environment. This gives a truly authentic experience for people flying multi-crew aircraft.

In the video, a few seconds of footage highlighted that developers and simmers can change the sound environment through the detailed SDK. It appears that some of the SDK documentation was shared highlighting a shared cockpit component.

At the top of the documentation, it’s clearly read as follows:

“In the multiplayer shared cockpit mode the only supported index is 1, which means that the data is assumed to be identical to all engines. In single player mode indexes are from 1 -4.”

Following on from that, various simulator variables then have options then list “Shared Cockpit” as an option. This includes variables such as GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION and also GENERAL ENG FUEL PUMP. There are others which feature this.

Screenshots from the video relating to Shared Cockpit.

This by no means confirms exactly what the shared cockpit functionality will be, but considering that the most recent feedback snapshot data from the team specifically mentions shared cockpit, it is exciting to see Microsoft taking this feedback into account. Speaking of feedback, having seasons confirmed was also a high priority for the community and that wish appears to be granted.

You can see the exact moment this document is shared in the video here (01:20).

You can catch up with the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator news by checking out hands-on during the X019 event late last year or watch our interview with the team.

Thanks to Nicholas and Midds for the tip.

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