Introducing Skytitude and Product ExoFlora for X-Plane 11

Skytitude Exoflora (3)

A new developer is on the scene for X-Plane 11. Introducing Skytitude, this new team is soon to release its first product under the title of ExoFlora. ExoFlora looks to bring vegetation to the whole world of X-Plane 11 in a single package.

The selling point that Skytitude is keen to let the community know is that there is no artefacts with their add-on. They also want to provide the add-on at little cost as possible. The product also features various sizes and types of trees, bushes and grass depending on location, along with support for SFD Global, X-Europe and Ortho4XP.

Skytitude’s ExoFlora will sell for $9.95 upon release. No formal release date has been announced at this time, but the developer assures us that it is soon.

You can follow Skytitude on Facebook to stay updated with their latest updates.

Feature List

  • High-resolution Flora textures
  • Different types and sizes of trees, bushes and grass depending on location
  • Variety of texture colours to match your region
  • Professional level of optimization
  • Full support for SFD Global, X-Europe, Ortho4XP. The rest is on request
  • Intuitive automatic installation in a couple of clicks
  • Now this is the most realistic flora in X-Plane
  • Low price compared to the competition
  • Upscale Ultra HD vegetation textures
  • No linear artefacts on large forest areas
  • Vegetation everywhere, including areas inside the autogen zones
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