Introducing Shared Cockpit Dispatch System from Multicrew

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The team at Multicrew have been in touch with us to let the community know of a brand new feature to their website, which will enable users to find pilots to join them on their adventure. The idea is to use the system, which would then put them in touch with the other person via a Discord server. They can then discuss the flight, review any plans and then add any details to a shared cockpit logbook.

How does it work?

Users need to first search for the flight and aircraft in the database.


If there’s nothing in the list that suits your needs, then you can make your own flight and people can choose to accept the request.

Once they have accepted the flight, they will be put in touch via Discord, where they can discuss elements of the flight. Thanks to integration with SimBrief, the pilots can then plan and discuss their routing. Once the plan has been arranged, pilots can see the output, export it  to their sim and be ready to fly.

What’s very cool is that you can make sure the pilot you’re going to fly with has the same add-ons as you to ensure a smooth experience. You can get these details from the profile section and after you commence a flight.


Finally, once you have successfully completed a flight, you can then record everything via a logbook. If things go wrong, you can also cancel the flight and wipe away the tears from that CTD after all that preparation (before obviously trying to fly again).

The team did assure me that more features will be added in the future depending on feedback from the community.

Want to be involved?

The site has reached a closed beta stage of development, meaning they’re looking for people to help test things before moving it into an open-beta phase. If you’re keen to help test, head to the official Discord server and Direct Message either DoverEightMike or AdmagTwoXray asking to be a part of it and what you could bring to the process.

Alternatively, you can also find more details via the actual website itself:

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