iniSimulations Releases A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE for XPL

Beluga Meta Embed Rev1 1200×1200

iniSimulations has released its long-awaited A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11. The unique Airbus aircraft is known for carrying aircraft parts around Europe to the various factories that build other aircraft. Its unique design and properties make the aircraft one of the most iconic in the world. iniSimulations created a detailed rendition of this particular plane.

The aircraft comes packed with a range of features to bring the most realistic rendition of the unique aircraft to X-Plane 11. As with previously released iniSimulations products, the BelugaST ON THE LINE features extensive 4K PBR texturing and a detailed external model reflecting the aircraft’s unique shape and design. The aircraft product also features a detailed rendition of the cargo interior and comes complete with 6 cargo options with a custom loader and animations that replicate the loading of lower and upper decks. The cockpit has been extensively modelled and includes detailed and sharp displays, animations and more.

The systems of this aircraft include a detailed and custom FMS designed to replicate the real-world data. This functionality includes SIDs, STARs, SEC flight plan and a custom LNAV system which has been further enhanced since the initial A300 release from iniSimulations. Furthermore, unique behaviour only found with this particular aircraft has been included with the product including an improved auto flight and handling. The flight model itself includes a custom stall effect, coupled with ground effect simulation and accurate take off and landing performance.

In addition, there are other features that extend the functionality of the plane in X-Plane 11. The aircraft comes with full Active Sky XP functionality, SimBrief integration and build-in panel state capabilities. Furthermore, a detailed rendition of Hawarden Airport (EGNR) has been included to ensure you have one of the main airports that this unique aircraft visits. There is also a VR configuration file (created by SimVR Labs) along with an extensive guide on the various routes this particular aircraft travels.

You can buy the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE right now from the iniBuilds store for £44.99 (excluding VAT). If you own the A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE product, you are entitled to a 25% discount, making it £33.70 (excluding VAT).

Enhanced Systems

  •  Detailed custom FMS designed to replicate an on the line experience utilizing Airbus A310 AERO data to match real BelugaST operations
  •  SIDs, STARs, SEC flight plan, custom LNAV (brand new NAV system reviewed and improved from A300) and more.
  •  Independent FMS with state-of-the-art high definition pop-outs.
  •  Unique behavioural characteristics of the BelugaST simulated throughout each system for the most excellent immersive experience i.e improvements in the autoflight system to better reflect BelugaST handling and overall refinement of system
  •  Extensively tuned flight model to capture BelugaST characteristics including accurate performance; landing and takeoff behaviour with custom ground effect simulation. This uses the X-Plane 11 experimental flight model developed using the latest generation technology
  •  Custom stalling behaviour including aerodynamic buffet
  •  SimBrief company route uplink along with ACARS wind uplink functionality integrated into brand new modern IDC radio tuning panel with working persistent custom pre-set feature
  •  Brand new integrated standby instrument system and Dynamic engine windmilling effects depending on wind speed and weather conditions

Renewed Visuals

  •  4K, PBR texturing in both the exterior and interior of the aircraft coupled with high-resolution, pixel-perfect cockpit displays.
  •  Accurate, toned night lighting inside and out
  •  Detailed rendition of the General Electric GE CF6-80C2A1 engine set
  •  6 hand-crafted cargo options to load with custom loader and realistic functionality with extremely detailed rendition of the lower and upper cargo decks
  •  A contemporary set of realistic and fictional liveries courtesy of the iniBuilds Painting Team available for free

Authentic Sounds

  • Custom FMOD sounds for General Electric GE CF6 engines, including immersive sound recordings from the real aircraft
  •  Audio dynamically balanced within a 3D environment, coupled with location-dependent audio, as well as the inclusion of audio based on a variety of environmental conditions specifically for the BelugaST
  •  Realistic and custom sounds created for the loader and the entire loading process
  •  Enhanced ambience both inside and outside such as engines windmilling audio and cargo bay sounds
  • Animated trimmable horizontal stabilizer
  •  Several cockpit enhancements and changed from the A300, such as standby compass and takeoff/landing card
  •  SimBrief company route uplink along with ACARS wind uplink functionality integrated into brand new modern IDC radio tuning panel with working persistent custom pre-set feature
  •  Several cockpit enhancements and changed from the A300, such as standby compass and takeoff/landing card
  •  Brand new ISIS (integrated standby instrument system) with reworked and smoothed altitude animation gauge
  •  True to life, legible decals inside and out of the aircraft

Additional Features

  • Revolutionary performance calculator and data (Reviewed and improved from A300, with significantly larger data providing more unique and accurate calculations in all scenarios for accurate representation of BelugaST performance.)
  •  Interactive loading area functionality
  •  Active Sky for XP compatibilty
  •  Freeware EGNR Hawarden Airport by Zero Dollar Payware with iniSimulations BelugaST interactive functions
  •  Built-in panel state capabilities
  •  Comprehensive weather and terrain radar modes
  •  Compatibility with BetterPushback plugin
  •  Extensive user settings options
  •  VR Config by SimVRLabs
  •  Extensive route network guide document created by the iniSimulations team
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