iniSimulations A310 Announcement, A380 Update, and more.

A310 1

Today, iniSimulations announced the next aircraft in their line up of planes. Following the recent teaser that was released a few days ago, the next iniSimulations aircraft is the Airbus A310-300.

Airbus A310

The iniBuilds A310 is going to be a standalone product and will feature “new and improved 3D elements including a new wing and a full overhaul of the exterior textures.” Enhanced wingflex is also going to be added, and will also utilize the experimental flight model that is in the most recent X-Plane 11 version. This package will come with both the passenger and freighter, with the freighter coming first and the passenger version coming soon after.

The A310 will be standalone, with customers of the A300 getting a 35% discount off the A310 when it is released. A310 customers can also get a discount off the A300 of 25% if they only have the A310.

Also announced were two expansion packs based off the A300 and A310, as well as a brand new family of airliners. The specifics of these projects is expected to be announced in January/February 2021.

Airbus A380

The team at iniSimulations shared the first previews of the A380 exterior model in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team did comment on how complex the A380 is and that nothing is going to be promised in terms of what features the aircraft will include as the MSFS SDK is still maturing. The team is constantly looking for new talent to join, so if your interested, head to to get in contact with them. [Update 08-Dec-20]: FSElite has confirmed that the iniSimulations A380 is still planned for X-Plane 11 as was originally announced.

iniScene and Shoreham

Last but not least, iniScene is expected to get a lot of attention in the up coming year for both X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator. iniScene Shoreham has been in testing since October and is being reworked as the SDK for Microsoft Flight Simulator evolves.

As always, you can read the full announcement here. Be sure to check back as we will cover any updates regarding and of the projects covered here.

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