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iniBuilds Development Update: A300v2, BelugaST Update, iniManager and More


Following the release of the A310-300 MRTT for X-Plane 11, iniBuilds shared an extensive development update through their forums. The new update gave us some insight into what the team is currently working on and a sneak peek into the future.

Aircraft Updates

Starting with the first aircraft release, the A300-600R ON THE LINE, the team has shifted attention back to updating the aircraft to meet the new standards set by the team. This means that many of the features seen in the A310-300 ON THE LINE will be carried to the A300-600R(F). Whilst no timeframes were confirmed, iniBuiulds said they will up to update us in the next few weeks.

Similarly, the team are also working on updating the BelugaST with new features and functionality. The upcoming update will add additional cargo pieces such as the A400M fuse, A320 front fuse, chemical tank, prop planes and also a new helicopter. All of these items have been transported by the Beluga at some point and will be transportable by you in X-Plane with the update. In addition, the Beluga will also add autosave and enhanced CPDLC operations. The plan is to get the Beluga update once the A300 v2 update is out.


In a new announcement, iniBuilds confirmed they are working on a new platform called ‘iniManager’. The new platform will enable users to download and install products from the iniStore. Over the past few months, the team has been investing a brand new all-in-one product management application that will support iniSimulation, iniScene and products from developers part of the iniStore.

The new application will install owned products, intelligently update products automatically. iniManager is currently in alpha testing with more info to come in the future.

New Airliner?

Closing the post, Ubaid from iniBuilds said that they are working on a new ‘secret project airliner’.  Absolutely no information was shared, so we’ll have to wait and see what it could be. This is likely a different project to the iniSimulations A380 since that isn’t much of a secret at this point.

In addition to a new airliner, the team reconfirmed their commitment to developing a range of international airports under the iniScene brand for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Finally, the team are continuing to expand and are looking for talented people to join their team. You can find the email address needed to apply on the forum post.

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