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iniBuilds A300-600R ‘On The Line’ Development Update, FMOD and Systems Preview


iniBuilds’ development team, iniSimulations, has shared a brand new update regarding the development of their A300-600R ‘On The Line’. The new update focuses more on the system depth and FMOD sound pack that is being worked on. This update follows from their previous dev update back in February.

iniSimulations Lead Product Manager, Cameron took to the development blog to talk about the ELEC system and the depth in which the team are aiming for with their first aircraft addon for X-Plane 11. As to not miss out on the small details, below is exactly what Cameron said about the ELEC system on the A300-600R ‘On The Line’ from iniSimulations.

“Today we want to showcase our ELEC system. Now we all know the ELEC system is in many ways the core of an aircraft, with many interdependencies with the other core, integral systems. 

Let’s start on the left and work our way to the right. The A300-600R aircraft type has quite an interesting and unique ELEC system being a hybrid between early A320s and the older A300-B4 models. Anyway, enough of the history back to the systems! We are looking at the ELEC DC page and in this current configuration you can see that all 3 batteries are connected to the DC essential bus; this state is present in multiple configurations. What we have in this situation, is the APU master switch selected in ‘ON’ mode, ready for an APU start. The 3 batteries are connected as they assist quite heavily with the APU start itself. Please note how all the voltages and amps you see are not the same. They change in real time based on electrical load from the system and other factors all replicating the aircraft documentation and real-life operational sequence.

Moving onto the central image. You can see in this configuration the NORM BUS and ESS BUS are no longer connected; due to the system being powered by an alternative source other than the external power, so they disconnect. Now why is battery 2 connected and charging you might ask? Well when the system detects that the battery voltage is lower than the permitted threshold it gets connected to the DC ESS BUS and charged with the correct amperage level to bring the voltage back in line.

 The last system page preview we have is the ELEC AC page. Things to point out here are the fact we’ve modelled IDG oil temperature, based on quite a few factors. For example, if we look at ‘IDG 2’; where the engine is off; this temperature then depends on the outside air temperature at the time plus a thermal oil retention factor. If we compare this to IDG1, where the engine is running, we can see this is dependant on the ELEC system load. To add, please note all voltages and HZs present, all vary in real time along with GEN loading.”

Further to the information regarding just a part of the system depth, iniSimulations also provided a short video highlighting the FMOD sound pack that the aircraft will feature upon release. They have been described as having “dynamic sound balancing based on environmental conditions,” and the sound has been captured from authentic recordings from the A300-600R. You can watch it below.

We have partnered with iniBuilds to share with you their latest freeware downloads to the community. You can read the weekly reports here.

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