Informatica Releases Eurofighter Typhoon for MSFS

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New scenery developer, Informatica AZ, has released their first aircraft venture, the Eurofighter Typhoon for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is the most successful and capable multi-role combat aircraft in service with the British, Spanish, Italian, German air force as well as air forces in the middle east, such as Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Typhoon was initially put together by Airbus, Dassault, BAe Systems and Leonardo with the view to replace ageing platforms such as the Sepecat Jaguar and Panavia Tornado. Dassault moved away from the venture to develop the very similar Rafale. The Eurofighter Typhoon can operate in a multi-role capability for ground attack or air to air intercept at speeds of over 2,000 kilometres an hour thanks to its two Eurojet EJ200 engines which give the aircraft a positive thrust to weight ratio meaning it can climb in the vertical whilst gaining speed.

Informatica AZ has recreated the Eurofighter Typhoon within the current simulator constraints which limit the aircraft capabilities and therefore, the team has released the aircraft with version 0.9.

The Eurofighter Typhoon in MSFS includes a well-modelled aircraft exterior and interior with fully modelled canards (small movable surfaces towards the front of the aircraft for control) and flaperons – an amalgamation of flaps and ailerons. In the cockpit, the aircraft has a fully operable HUD panel, two multifunctional displays with terrain, engine, system, fuel and flight planning modes as well as autopilot and radio panel.

Within MSFS, the Eurofighter has limitations of Mach 0.95 as well as being without the presence of an afterburner. These limitations come from the current functionality of Microsoft Flight Simulator and it’s Software Development Kit that developers use to create third-party addons for the simulator. These features may become available at a later update. Informatica AZ is also aware of issues when loading flight plans from version of MSFS.

To purchase the Eurofighter Typhoon for Microsoft Flight Simulator, head on over to SimMarket, where you can purchase it for €17.68 Ex. VAT.  

Feature List

  • Accurate 3D model
  • Top speed 633,4017 Knot – Mach 0.95 (due to simulation limitation)
  • 10500 HP – full throttle
  • GPS mouse interactive Panel
  • FMC Panel
  • HUD Panel
  • 2 MFD Panels with Wheater, Terrain, Engine, System, Fuel, Plan
  • PFD Panel
  • Speed Backup Panel
  • Radio Panel
  • Full working Autopilot
  • Reverse throttle
  • Engine start from apron
  • Pushback, Fuel truck, ground power


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