Infinite Flight Version 20.1 Adding Instrument Procedures Support

Infinite Flight Procedures

Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight will be updated soon to version 20.1, which will add full Instrument Procedures. This means pilots will be able to perform real-world arrivals, approaches, or departure and also add it to their flight plans. This will be a global database of real-world nav data including all SIDs, STARs and approaches.

As with real-world procedures, pilots will be able to manually control set altitudes for waypoints and creating custom approaches. Furthermore, if you’re flying in the virtual online world on Infinite Flight with other friends and pilots, you can copy all waypoints and altitudes from the other pilot.

One of the most important features within Infinite Flight is direct integration and support with ForeFlight. You’ll be able to link up accounts and settings so you can visualise exactly the way you would in the cockpit. From manipulating procedures in your flight plan, removing waypoints and monitoring your instruments. The below video gives you an idea of how these functions will work.

Version 20.1 of Infinite Flight will be coming soon and all Infinite Flight Pro pilots will be able to enjoy all this worldwide navigation data at no extra cost. Pilots flying in solo mode will also have all data in the regions available to them with the app purchase.

You can find out more about Infinite Flight on their website. You can also read our overview of the platform here.

You can download the application for both iPhone and Android and get started today.

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