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Infinite Flight Version 18.6 Now Available

Popular mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight has today been updated to version 18.6. This version marks the 6th free update to the simulator since the start of the year and the new features are some of the most requested from users. The biggest changes users will enjoy is the complete rework of the A-10 and the introduction of working gauges within the flight deck of the aircraft.

As mentioned, the A-10 has been completely re-done to reflect the improved quality of aircraft development over the years. The A-10 was one of the original in the simulator when it first launched so the team are pleased to have had time to bring it to the new standard the team employ for aircraft. New features include working gauges and instruments in the cockpit. This includes six fully functional packs, fuel flow indicators, engine fan RPM indicators, compasses and the glide slope indicator. Along with these changes, the team have completely reworked the flight dynamics, which have been tested by a real-world A-10 pilot for maximum realism. Further new features for the aircraft include additional liveries, brand new animated pilot and more. Finally, if you’re flying with other people, you can take advantage of the new fueling system meaning you can refuel whilst aloft, let by another pilot.

Further to the A-10 being updated, users can enjoy the new improvements to their Boeing 737 model. It’s not quite a rework like the A-10, but it has been improved to bring it more in-line with the standard of other aircraft within the sim. New liveries, cockpit animation and the addition of wing-flex are all part of the improvement package.

Finally, there are other qualities of life improvements including new tips during loading screens, updated waypoint dataset for the USA (latest from the FAA) and an updated list of call signs.

The update should be applied automatically via your device’s operating system store, otherwise, you can manually do it through their specific methods. If you don’t own Infinite Flight, you can buy it now from your device’s store for $4.99. You will need to also buy a subscription to the service to unlock all the features. If you’re unsure what Infinite Flight is, you can read our original article on the sim.

Changes to the B737 in 18.6

  • Autoland (APPR)
  • 30+ New Liveries
  • New Wheels
  • Wing flex
  • Split Scimitar Winglets
  • Ground Effect
  • Pilots
  • New Strobe Light Timings
  • APU Strobe
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