Infinite Flight Updated to Version 19.4 – Introducing the A350

Infinite Flight Update 19 4

Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight has released a significant update to the application that brings multiple improvements along with their most advanced aircraft yet: the Airbus A350.

The newest aircraft in the fleet represents many years of hard work from the team to bring realistic and interactive aircraft. Being the most requested aircraft by the community, the development team pulled out all the stops to give people an opportunity to fly the aircraft on the go.


The aircraft features a fully animated glass cockpit, which includes active displays. The displays will show onboard information for areas such as the Primary Flight and Navigation display, engine/system display, radio management, and much more. The auto flight system control panel even reacts to your input from the virtual cockpit. In addition, the external animations and modelling now include tilted landing gear. In total 34 liveries are available including Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Finnair and SAS. A full list can be found on the Infinite Flight blog page.


The other significant change with version 19.4 is the rework of the Cessna 172. A new 3D model, flight physics and live instruments are included in this update, along with a glass cockpit version with G1000 displays for those on the Pro subscription. Furthermore, you can now start the Cessna 172 from cold and dark, along with other procedures including mixture controls, fuel pumps and the use of magnetos. The update (excluding the glass displays) is free to all users.


With the introduction of more complex and system rich aircraft, the team announced changes to their user interface a few weeks ago. Testing has since gone on and version 19.4 now includes this updated UI. More changes and improvements are expected to come going forward.

There are other updates and features in this new version, including changes to the map and the TBM cockpit. You can read up more about them on the Infinite Flight blog post.

If you want to find out more about Infinite Flight, you should check out their website. If you would like to pick up a copy for your mobile device, you can do so via both the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

In addition to the A350 and Cessna 172 updates, there has been other enhancements and improvements for the application including all of the following:

  • Added NDB/VOR Navigation
  • Added ability to tap airports in multiplayer page to go directly to spawn point selection
  • A320 instrument improvements (ECAM and Autopilot Panel)
  • A320 ARC/NAV mode
  • A320 liveries
  • iOS 13 support
  • Progressive braking on rudder pedal by tapping rudder control and sliding down
  • Stricter gate size restrictions online. Now adhering to actual restrictions
  • Improved live instruments performance
  • Reworked user authentication for Android; Logging in with Facebook and Google is smoother without the need to reenter credentials each time
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