Infinite Flight Adds 3D Buildings and New Cloud Layers with Version 21.1

Mobile flight simulation platform Infinite Flight has been updated to version 21.1 and now includes 3D buildings and all-new cloud layers. Described as their “most ambitious update ever,” those who use Infinite Flight can now get an even more immersive experience when whizzing around the world on their mobile device.

When Infinite Flight first released, there was a big focus on multiplayer and the ATC system. Now that the community is well established and that hardware is more powerful, the team started to focus on 3D objects in the simulator. This first iteration of adding 3D objects to the simulator sees airport buildings, jet bridges, vehicles and more to select airports in the world. The full list of those airports can be found on the Infinite Flight blog, but highlights include John F Kennedy (KJFK), Dubai International (OMDB), Cape Town International (CAPE), London Heathrow (EGLL) and Denver (KDEN). If your favourite airport isn’t listed, then the team will be revealing an airport builder soon to enable others to create custom airports to grow the number of 3D airports in the simulator.

Further to the 3D objects, Infinite Flight 21.1 also brings new cirrus cloud layers for the first time to the simulator. These clouds are user-controlled but react to atmospheric conditions such as winds aloft and light. This, again, is just the first iteration of clouds in the simulator.

Alongside these massive updates, Infinite Flight has added new ATC improvements along with new liveries for pilots to choose from.

Infinite Flight can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the App Store for iOS platforms. You can try some of the 3D buildings in the free regions if you want to see how they look on your hardware. More details can be found on their website.

Infinite Flight 21.1 Changelog


  • 3D Buildings and objects at 21 airports around the world. Infinite Flight is now even more immersive and takes your simulator experience to new levels in multiplayer and solo modes, and our 3D airport collection will grow quickly!
  • User-configurable cirrus cloud layer
  • ATC approach speed assignments for better arrival flow into controlled airports
  • ATC debrief page when closing a frequency
  • ATC commands such as outside of center airspace warning, and back taxi for tower
  • “Show Username in Flight” can now be changed while in session on select servers
  • 15 new liveries for various aircraft


  • Missing flight plans for users when the multiplayer server resets
  • Stats not saving after aircraft crash
  • Taxi speed violations after flying in XCub


  • Adding an approach procedure now automatically selects the airport as the final waypoint
  • Added missing PBR textures to older aircraft
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