Infinite Flight Adding 3D Buildings and Clouds

Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight will add 3D buildings and clouds in the future. As a much-requested feature, the team at Infinite Flight continue to add new technology and assets to the mobile flight simulator as progress is made on the platform. Speaking in their 2020 Year in Review article, Infinite Flight made it clear that whilst 2020 was a challenging year for them (and wholeheartedly missed the in-person shows), they made great advances and progress with their core platform development.


Before going into detail on the upcoming features, an infographic highlighting how popular the app has been over a year of lockdowns and stay at home orders has really been. Over 9 million online flight hours have been had by users, across 10.4 million online flights. In that time, 18,000 members of the community signed up, and over 1,100 community events took place in the platform. Whilst the community grew, Infinite Flight itself also saw 3 major app updated, 5 brand new aircraft builds and over 70 new or reworked liveries.

Whilst all of these improvements have been part of streamlining the app further, it has also meant the development team could focus on adding features such as 3D clouds and 3D buildings to the application. A short sneak-peek was shared in the Year in Review trailer showcasing some of the progress made on these core features. It’s still very much an unknown as to when these two popular items will be made available, but the team said that “the decision to show progress was not made lightly.”

As always, FSElite will continue to follow the development progress of Infinite Flight. You can check out the latest large update which saw the Boeing 777 reworked for the application to include a 3D cockpit. 


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