Infinite Flight 19.4 Video Wrap Up


Infinite Flight has previewed in a Youtube video a wrap-up of what’s to come with their 19.4 update, which should be the last major update of 2019.

The first aircraft that is put forward is the total revamp of the Cessna 172. The video showcases the remodeling of the aircraft, with detailed animations such as landing gear bending, small details modeling, avionics rework, new night lighting and a new moving map system. Overall, while the C172 is a classic among the classics, Infinite Flight rendition is impressive, considering we are here on mobile devices. The Cessna 172 will have an option for both classic pins and noodles panel instrument and glass cockpit, with Infinite Flight custom rendition of the Garmin G1000.

The second and not the least of additions is the Airbus A350, which was previewed in-depth in October. Showcased in the video in moves inspired by manufacturers and airlines promotional videos, the Infinite Flight rendition is once again very impressive. The aircraft features a beautiful virtual cockpit, accurate external model and animations. It feels very immersive overall, and hard to believe all this is made for portable devices.

Infinite Flight 19.4 is expected during the month of December, hopefully before Christmas.

Infinite Flight is a simulator available on iOS and Android devices. It is available for a small initial fee of $4.99 but requires subscription to Infinite Flight Pro (from $9.99 monthly to $79.99 yearly) to unlock all features. This includes worldwide airport database with more than 25.000 airfields, dozens of aircraft, multiplayer, human ATC, weather and much more. If you do not own the simulator yet, you can visit their website for more information.

While waiting for the release you can also take a look at the following screenshots and the full video below.


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