IndiaFoxtEcho Release Eurofighter Typhoon

IndiaFoxtEcho have released their eurofighter typhoon. The nimble fighter jet is a combination from the works of Leonardo, Airbus Group and BAE Systems. The jet is a highly agile fighter, designed to perform very effectively during dog fights.

IndiaFoxtEcho are a developer that I personally have not heard of as I am not a fan of military jets, so am unable to comment on their reputability and detail level. However according to the product page on SimMarket the aircraft has a high detail exterior and interior model, a high fidelity cockpit interface as well as a custom flight model. On the face of it this doesn’t sound too bad.

If you are interested by this product then it is available for purchase from SimMarket and will set you back the reasonable price of EUR30.00. A decent price for a good looking and well performing rendition of the popular European fighter jet.