Indiafoxtecho MB-339 for MSFS Released

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Indiafoxtecho has released their MB339 jet trainer aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The rendition by Indiafoxtecho comprises two versions of the trainer; the Aermacchi MB-339A and the MB-339PAN, a version dedicated to the Freece Tricolori aerobatics team. The modeling features only a detailed rendering of the front cockpit, 8K textures for the liveries and a custom flight model. The developer also has included a custom sound package but which will fully work only in the old FSX legacy mode of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has put a video on Youtube that can also serve as a tutorial on how to start-up the aircraft.

The Aeromacchi MB-339 was developed in the 1970’s as a trainer and light attack aircraft, aiming to replace the Aermacchi MB-326 and the Fiat G.91. After a nearly 40 years career in the Italian Air Force, it is currently being replaced by the Macchi M-345.

You can purchase the Indiafoxtecho MB-339 on Simmarket for €20.

Feature List

  • Two extremely detailed visual model: MB-339A and MB-339PAN
  • Extremely detailed cockpit model (front seat only)
  • Flight model based on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator model
  • Seven different 8K liveries: Frecce Tricolori, Italian Air Force Camouflage, Italian Air Force Ghost Grey, United Arab Emirates, Armada Argentina, Royal Malaysian Air Force and factory colors.
  • Custom sound package (in FSX legacy mode)
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