Immersive Audio Releases Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion for P3D

If you’re looking to enhance the sound package for the Leonardo Softhouse Fly the Maddog X, then Immersive Audio has your back. The latest in their range of popular sound environment has been released and has been developed exclusively for the Fly the Maddog X 64-bit edition.

The new sound package feature over 150 new audio files that enhance elements of the plane including various warning sounds, speed brake rumbles, all switches and levers, and also a more authentic sounding battery, standby instruments and packs. The sound package also delivers more realistic nose gear ground roll sounds including bumps at high speeds, touchdown and retraction noses and also changes to the main gear itself. The ACARS printer has also seen various sound files improved for a more immersive experience. Finally, wipers, cockpit windows and GPWS callouts have also been improved with the Immersive Audio soundpack for the Fly the Maddog X aircraft.

A full preview of the sound effects included can be found in the video above.

The soundpack is compatible with both the MD-82 Base Pack and the MD-83 & MD-88 Expansion pack from Leonardo Softhouse. It goes without saying that you need to own the actual aircraft product in order for Immersive Audio’s product to work.

You can buy Immersive Audio’s Maddog X Cockpit Immersion for Prepar3D now from simMarket for €13.90.


  • 152 sound files included. All major sounds are covered!
  • Authentic battery, standby instruments, rack fans and packs.
  • Authentic speaker and power relay.
  • Various warnings – takeoff config, stall, engine fire, AP disconnect, altitude warnings, and many more.
  • High quality GPWS callouts & warnings, full TCAS.
  • Realistic nose gear ground roll, bumps, touchdown and retraction sounds.
  • Fully authentic nose gear airflow.
  • Main gear touchdown.
  • Wind noise.
  • Speedbrake rumble and cockpit rattle.
  • High quality switches, buttons and levers.
  • ACARS printer.
  • Autothrottle servos.
  • Authentic hydraulic sound as heard from the cockpit.
  • Cockpit windows open/close.
  • Wipers.
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