Imaginesim Singapore Close, New Airport Also Announced

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Imaginesim have posted a brief update over on their Facebook page regarding the progress of their Singapore scenery alongside a new airport announcement.

They have stated that their Singapore scenery is nearing the final stages with release expected soon. Alongside this pleasing news, they have also announced that they will be developing Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport. Which is one of the busiest airports found in South East Asia, being a large international and regional hub for various airlines with routes spanning across the globe. It’s exciting that we will be recieving and accurately created rendition of Thailand’s busiest airport.

Imaginesim also put out a plea in their post to anyone that will be able to collect data and images for this scenery. Those that help out will recieve a free copy of the scenery. If you think you’d be able to help then don’t hesistate to contact imaginesim at [email protected]

We’ll make sure to keep you updated on any more updates provided regarding Singapore and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

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  1. I seriously do not understand developers and their choices. We already have decent scenery for VTBS. No it is not FT or FB quality but more then functional with plenty of detail. This seems duplicitous when so many other airports are missing and nobody else is working on. Why don’t they work on the 20 or so other major Chinese airports? How about Oakland, Long Beach, Ontario, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Houston Hobby, Dallas Love, Eugene, Bradley. i mean there are so many it’s ridiculous, seems to be a bonehead move to make another airport the community already has.

  2. it always amuses me when people question such choices and give some middle of nowhere airport that should be made instead..

    because nobody gives a shit about long beach or Albuquerque. NOBODY. they make what will sell. right now lots of simmers in asia.

    as tampa will discover sales for NA are pretty stagnant if regressing, when they release las vegas. im sure Atlanta will sell well but again, that’s a major hub. the trend in FS is to make hubs, not some dead local airport that means nothing to 99.9999999999951% of the flight sim BUYERS

    1. yeah you better tell flytampa to stop making KATL. imaginesim already made it. nobody ever make the same airport! also nobody make Barcelona. we only have 3 of them and each one is different (and equally horrible). you must enjoy monopolies….

  3. Imaginesim have stated a “competitor” is also working on Singapore, does anyone know who that is? FSElite, any insights?

    1. Aerosoft have a Singapore in the works, but it’s been WIP since March, and no updates from the dev since June/July.

  4. Is there VTBS for p3dv4? If so, I haven’t seen anything. Smart move on the developer. Hub airports make more financial sense.