Imaginesim Release KATL For P3D v4

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Imaginesim has released their Atlanta scenery for P3D v4, brining a plethora of performance improvements and optimizations.

Many shudder with fear and dread just at the slightest mention of flying into Atlanta in flight sim, and for good reason. Due to the sheer size of the airport, being one of the largest in the world and situated near a densely populated city, performance has always been abysmal at ATL, even with the default ATL. Imaginesim has found a way to remedy this, however, and their achievements are nothing short of mind blowing.

This new update to Atlanta, exclusive for P3D v4, brings with it monumental performance gains, and new features such as a high definition building textures, switchable dynamic lighting options, SODE jetways, seasonal texture options, and more. A full feature list can be found at the bottom of this article. New features are great and all but not if they come at a cost to performance. This is where it really gets interesting; Imaginesim have managed to DOUBLE the framerate when compared to the previous P3D version of ATL. and nearly tripled it when compared to the FSX version. They have even been able to get 10% higher fps,with all options enable, than the default version of ATL; a true achievement considering the difference in quality!

Another feature worth mentioning is their new airport config tool they have implemented for Atlanta. Following the likes of Flightbeam and Turbulent Designs, as well as Orbx, who have standalone applications to manage their scenery, Imagine sim have implemented their own for ATL. This tool will allow you to customize and tune your scenery to get your desired performance, with nearly all performance intensive options being able to be disabled. This is great news for those with lower end systems who want to fly complex airliners into Atlanta and will no doubt be greatly appreciated and utilized.

Even better is that this update is free to existing ATL 2016 customers. The new version will appear in your flightsimstore account, or inside the Flight1 wrapper download from their website.

Feature list:

• Gigantic improvement in performance using procedures optimized for Prepar3D V4.

• Framerate speeds up by over double compared with previous Prepar3D version. Tripled and more when compared to FSX version.

• High definition building texturing and improved new V4 ground polygons.

• Fluid usage, even with complex airliner cockpits and high density AI coverage.

• Low visibility nav lighting.

• Switchable dynamic lighting option.

• New and bespoke Operations Center configuration GUI.

• Comprehensive ground and building optimization.

• Interactive SODE jetways.

• Instantaneous scenery cache loading.

• Seasonal texture options.

• 10.2 mile square coverage of the KATL area.

• Low simulator impact.

• Graduated ground extremeties to seamlessly blend with any vector driven add-on.

• Improved autogen coverage.


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