ImagineSim Announce Dallas Fort-Worth Airport


After a Facebook post from ImagineSim stating they were postponing the development of Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX), they came back with an announcement that Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport is now in the works for P3Dv4 and will become available for X-Plane11 and even Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which is the first scenery addon to be announced for the upcoming MSFS2020, at later dates. ImagineSim has stated that Forth-Worth development started some time ago in the background but has recently started gathering a good amount of speed. With the 2D ground elements completed, 3D modeling has started to progress well. Developer Felipe has pretty much completed the preparations for Atlanta (KATL) for X-Plane 11’s release, both he and fellow developer Cal, have turned their full-time attention to developing the 4th busiest airport in the US, and American Airlines’ major hub, Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport. The team has a schedule for release in the first quarter of 2020.


ImagineSim developers have two contacts within the airport taking photos, but more the marrier. They are asking the community for help with gathering information and photos. If you have any leads, do send them to [email protected]. They do ask that if you are going to send photos or info, that it be something that cannot be found on the internet. For those who help contribute, ImagineSim will send free copies of Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport to them.

No price or exact release date has been set, other than we can expect it sometime in the first quarter of 2020. Follow the ImagineSim Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the development progress.

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