Ilumium Simulation Announces Provincetown for P3D and X-Plane

Ilumium KPVC 01 1

Scenery developer Ilumium Simulation has announced their first scenery for North America and for X-Plane with their rendition of KPVC Provincetown Municipal Airport for P3D and X-Plane.

Provincetown Municipal Airport is located just at the northern tip of Cape Cod Massachusetts, in North East United States. The airport serves mainly local General Aviation traffic but has daily flights to Boston Logan Airport, operated by Cape Air’s Cessna 402 9 seater aircraft.

Ilumium Simulation plans to recreate the 310 acres of the airport including surrounding Provincetown and landmarks such as the harbour of Provincetown, the Pilgrim Monument to the south and the Lighthouse to the North. The release will contain an up to date airport, including the main terminal building, built from wood in 1998, along with all other hangars and buildings, all custom made with PBR as well as plenty of ground vehicles and clutter to bring the airport to life. The airport will be finished to a high level of detail and resolution as you can see by the renders below, these are taken from the render engine, not direct from the sim. 

The scenery will be released for P3D v4.4+ first and then X-Plane will follow. The developer has made comment to possibly releasing the airport for ‘Next Generation’ simulators in the future as well.

You can check out the original post over on the Ilumium Simulation website where you can also find their product map for their existing scenery releases.

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