I.D.S Innovative Development Studios Update – Manchester, Boeing Field and Newcastle Coming Before 2017

I.D.S (Innovative Development Studios) have updated the community with information regarding their latest projects, as well as a brand new announcement. The post over on Facebook details the current status and they confirmed that THREE airports will be released before year end, 2 of which before Christmas. Very surprising considering there’s only 31 days left of 2016.

First up, an update on both Manchester and Boeing Field.

Manchester was previewed ages over on Aerosoft’s preview forums, but then disappeared for unknown reasons. After which they shown off a new preview forum, showing off Manchester X. With the detail already looking crisp, it’s now great to hear that Manchester will -hopefully- be available before Christmas. Boeing Field will also be available before Christmas – perfect for those TFDi 717 and PMDG 747 inaugural flights!

Moving on, Nassau has been stuck in the development cycle, and as a result, I.D.S haven’t given an ETA on the release for the update yet. The update is because of some bugs that have been reported by the community, so in the long-run this will be a good update worth waiting for.


Finally, a new project the team have been very quiet on has been announced. Newcastle X will redefine the Geordie airport bringing new detail not seen in current scenery packages. The project entered beta so should follow behind Manchester and Boeing field, but is still expected for a 2016 release.


With so many developments releasing so soon, we’ll have our hands full with reviews! Suffice to say, this won’t be the last from I.D.S and they confirmed they have a “few more” projects to come. Let’s hope we see them soon!


  • qxeflyer

    30th November 2016

    I am still waiting for a real performance update on KSMF, I got better frames in KSEA with orbx PNW + T2G with the same settings, it lacks of optimization.

    • LightsOut

      30th November 2016

      Exactly. KSMF and Nassau should be fixed BEFORE releasing any new airports.

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