HST Simulations Updates RealView

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X-Plane utility developer, HighSkyTech Simulations, has updated their view enhancer utility, RealView, to version 1.52.

RealView enables X-Plane users to customise their experience through altering the viewpoint and adding in real movements that react to the aircraft movement such as G-force, lift and drag on aircraft surfaces as well as turbulence and touchdown shudders. 

HST Simulations has updated RealView to include more accurate speed brake and flap effects along with some fixes to the stability of the plugin overall, SASL and the user interface.

To update RealView, you can get version 1.52 from the HST update centre. If you would like to purchase RealView for X-Plane, you can buy it on the X-Plane Store for $18.95.

Feature List

  • Added new more accurate flaps effect

  • Added new more accurate speed brake effect

  • Added compatibility with X-Plane 11.51 Last Release

  • Fixed possible CTD on sim close

  • Fixed possible CTD with X-Camera plugin detect

  • Fixed issue with FF A320 Spoilers Effect

  • Fixed behaviour of preview mode (fixed vibrations issues)

  • Fixed CTD when playing a speedbreak effect

  • Fixed incorrect plugin work last xA Pro build

  • Fixed misc issues with UI Rendering with 11.51

  • Fixed HST Connect (Updater) work, updated new servers addresses

  • Removed resize ability from main UI

  • Updated HST Connect components on HST Simulations Servers

  • Updated SASL to 3.12.1

  • Updated product page design

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