Honeycomb Aeronautical Gives Production Update

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Hardware developer Honeycomb Aeronautical has given a small production update for those awaiting Alpha and Bravo units from the company. It has been many months since the initial batch of units were release, but the team has seen various challenges over the past few months which has led to a lack of inventory on their own website and at multiple outlets. The team wanted to address some of these issues and has done so through Facebook.

In their Facebook post, the team listed a handful of reasons as to why there has been a lack of units even since the initial release. The first reason is attributed to the electronics industry facing component shortages. This is impacting a huge number of products including those produced by Honeycomb Aeronautical. They said that some of the components that they need have a typical lead time of 6-7 months, despite having a backup inventory of these specific components, the team have used them up to produce units at maximum capacity.

Even after the units have been produced, Honeycomb Aeronautical has also got a challenge with container availability from Asia. They said that Honeycomb needs to wait several weeks for availability to ship products to the resellers around the world. That said, the team said that there are shipments on the way to resellers. To try and circumvent some of the issues, Honeycomb has allocated some of its inventory to ship directly from Hong Kong via FedEx and only charge 30% of the actual cost to the customer. This has been a popular option and as such, they sell out as quickly as they make them available in the shop.

On another note, the team shared an image for dust covers that Honeycomb uses at various tradeshows to keep their products in good condition. The team has asked if the community would want to purchase one if they were on sale. Honeycomb hasn’t confirmed this will actually happen but said that an estimated price would likely be $14.99. Feel free to share your thoughts with Honeycomb Aeronautical.

Whilst some of the challenges are beyond the control of Honeycomb Aeronautical, the team want to thank the community for the support and will continue to post updates on tech issues and solutions.

Whilst getting a unit is difficult, you can check out our review to see what we through on the Bravo Throttle Quadrant.

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