Honeycomb Aeronautical Announces Throttle Pack for Airbus A319 – A380

Honeycomb Aeronautical has announced that they will be releasing a new extension for their upcoming Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Named the Throttle Pack for Airbus™ A319 – A380, the new extension will feature additional configuration controls for the Bravo Throttle Quadrant which adds Airbus compatibility.

Included in the extension pack will be both two and four-engine aircraft throttle configuration with autothrottle disconnect. The throttles also have their own unique reverse thrust function. Furthermore, the pack will also feature the speed brake and flap lever, which has a functional lock release mechanism. This means that whether you are flying the baby Bus or the double-decker giant, you will have the throttle controls to suit your aircraft.

The Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Flight Controls have been in development for several years and we saw a detailed first look at the hardware last month. The hardware will enable users to have a complete throttle experience with a variety of components you can add or remove depending on the type of flying you’re doing. It also features multiple autopilot functions, a trim wheel and much more.

The Honeycomb Aeronautical Throttle Pack for Airbus™ A319 – A380 will release in the same time period as the Bravo Throttle Quadrant at a price of $69.99/€79.99/£69.99. No release date has been set by the company and is awaiting a slot from manufacturing once one opens up after the current Global COVID-19 pandemic. However, according to Honeycomb, this is approximately noted to be October 2020.

Finally, the company were to announce and the show off a new piece of hardware at FlightSimExpo later this year, However, due to the event cancellation, Honeycomb Aeronautical shared a brief teaser for their upcoming Charlie rudder pedals. 

Features and Info

  • Two and four engine setup with magnetically swappable A/T disconnect cone.
  • Functional Thrust Reversers with mechanical lock at idle position
  • Flap lever with lift to unlock function
  • Speed Brake lever.
  • MSRP $69.99/€79.99/£69.99 (Pricing is close to identical when taxes/VAT are removed).
  • Available October 2020.
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