HighSkyTech Releases RealView Next for XPL

Developer HighSkyTech has released RealView Next for X-Plane 11. Described as the “truly next step” in the development of the camera utility, RealView Next is a continuation of the original version of RealView. THe new utility adds completely new technology,  a more modern UI and animations that are much smoother than before.

The new camera movement engine is described as “the most accurate simulation of the pilot’s view” and adds movement and shaking based on conditions within the simulator. So should you land your aircraft hard, then your camera will reflect that movement. Aerodynamics on the aircraft will also have an impact on your view, with shaking and movements to replicate how your view may be in those situations. This also includes G-Force immersion and also integration with xAmbiance for an authentic experience based on the environment around you.

With the new interface, you will be able to preview each of the effects, add in soft transitions and also use a range of pre-made presets for aircraft. In addition, the ground beneath your wheels will have an impact on how your camera behaves. On bumpy and lumpy surfaces, expect to see a few more shakes of the movement as well as vibrations from the gear.

There are a range of changes included with RealView Next for X-Plane 11 and it also now comes with full VR support.

You can buy HighSkyTech’s RealView Next for X-Plane 11 from the store now for $19.95 USD.


  • General view movements engine (Pitch; Heading; Horizon) with independent soft channels
  • The most modern interface in X-Plane with animations, effects preview and other
  • Ability to view manual trough simulator (Optional)
  • Smooth camera movement during all phases of flight
  • A stand-alone plugin written on modern language
  • A fast-growing list of immersions
  • Compatible with X-Camera & ASXP
  • Sound Environment (Optional)
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Frequent updates
  • FPS Friendly
  • Vulkan Ready
  • VR Support (Beta)
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